Associate Members

Membership runs from Jan 1st – Dec 31st

If you have a green or orange members card you need to come in to club house and fill out a renewal form

Rules and Regulations

  1. No vehicles will be driven on fields or ranges.
  2. Ranges will not be used during functions.
  3. Safety will be number 1 at all times.
  4. The area will be policed after each use.
  5. Courtesy will be shown to everybody.
  6. Club members will have priority over associate members.
  7. No alcoholic beverages will be brought on premises at any time.
  8. Shot Gun Range Bird Shot ONLY
  9. An associate member may bring a range guest. *Each range guest may only be allowed one visit.
  10. Shooting time on the range will be between 9 AM & 7 PM

Any violations of the above rules may result in loss of associate membership.

Go to Calendar to see any range closers by clicking on a date.

Please feel free to come to assist with our chores work bees

To all Members and associate shooters: this is not a request but a demand.

STOP using for targets: bottles, cans, fruit, firewood, or anything not made of paper.

Do Not mount anything to the uprights holding target mounts.

Shooting up the uprights is a violation and must stop.

By order of the Board of Officers

Updated 6-6-22